Online Customer Retention—Handling customer complaints-Part 2

Saying that 80% of the customer complaints come from very few of the customers, it is interesting to note that many of the customers never voice their opinions even if they are not satisfied with the experience your business provides them. Point being, there is a huge chance that you can save your customer and retain the customer by making necessary adjustments. How Exactly?

1) Communicate
2) Listen
3) Act
4) Go the Extra Mile

Result: You will win your customer for life

Happy and returning customer through online customer retention

Communication is the key. Initiating the conversation is even better. Do not wait for the customer to complain in case you know that there was a mistake from your side. The best way to do it is to keep in touch with the customer from the day 1.  If the customer does have any concerns or problems, you can easily control the situation and avoid further damage that may occur (in the form of losing the customer, offline word of mouth, online word of mouth).

2) Listen to what your customer has to say. It is as important to listen after the sale as it is important to listen after the sale (trust me you will save more time and energy in the long run if you do this). Listening not only allows the customer to vent (which is half the problem already solved!), but it is also important so that you can fix the problem in an efficient way without using too many of your resources.
3) The next step is clear—Act. Take time to fix the problem, provide quick fix if needed, schedule the delivery again, and follow the first two steps in case there is a problem again. Your prompt action and attention is the quickest way to customer retention—will hold true no matter what kind of business you are offering.

4) Going the extra mile is the difference between keeping the customer for life as opposed to having a one-time customer (or 1 more return at the most!). Treat the customer like a star, and see the difference (you might even get away providing average service (please don’t quote thisJ). Point being, if you really want the customer for life, handle the customer in the same way and show the customer how valuable his/her business is.

Here's some customer retention facts that you might find useful to get more loyal customers.


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