Keeping customers through blogging--blogs are like reviews written by yourself

Blogs are underestimated, at least that is how it looks like. Most of the social media agencies who handle blogs for businesses fill the blog with repetitive and banal information. Rarely does the blog go beyond talking about services and coupons of their business. Worse, Google doesn't like such blogs with repetitive content. Blog is a important space for so many reasons, and I feel companies need to tap into the potential of blogs.

1) We can use blogs to announce meaningful updates related to the business.
2) We can use blogs to show knowledge and ability to educate people who are searching for information
3) Updated blogs builds trust with customers since they feel you are taking active interest in your company and that you care--hence you are a business who cares about their customers too.
4) Technology companies and persons can build brand and be known in certain niche once users know that you blog regularly about certain topics.
5) Blogs can be used for building meaningful links to the website giving more visibility to your site.
6) Blogs can be used to show examples of handling customer complaints or to thank the customers. Again everything contributes to how people think about your business and such information from you can only persuade more customers that you are reliable.

Still don't believe it? Am I just saying this? OK, imagine you have to pick a company between Keepcustomer and company ABCXYZ for your "Internet stuff", which company would you pick? Of course I know you will Google them. What after you find the below search result page for the search "Google Local reviews and ratings?"

Full screenshot to view other blogs on the same page:

That was our blog from last week, more analysis for the new Google local changes are coming in our next few blogs.

 Point made, blogs are important and we all should use them to our advantage. Since as a company our top focus is word of mouth and customer retention, we help customers disseminate customer experiences on their blogs and also use the blog to build brand (and hence get more customers).

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