Do you take reviews for your business seriously? Google says you should

Keepcustomer helps businesses to collect feedback from customers. If the customers decide to post their experience online, then the feedbacks are called online reviews.

Many business owners simply do not care about customer reviews and ratings online. Consumers looking for local businesses want to read customer reviews and opinions. Many businesses have been existing for years and have thousands of new and returning customers. Owners of such businesses do not care about few bad reviews written online. In fact they even feel that Internet is a threat to their business. The simple fact is that customers voice their opinions online, which in turn helps other consumers to take decisions when they are searching online. It creates good competition and gives customers the advantage. Is that not good? You might say NO if you are a business owner whose business is losing customers because of negative publicity online.

Why should you care? If you are running a business, you want to improve. How do you improve? Your customers are the best place to look since they can tell you about the business experience more than anybody else. So as a business owner you should care about online reviews just to improve your business.

 Among the 97% of consumers who are looking for local businesses, how many of them are looking at online reviews? Any guesses?

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