How local businesses in United States can improve economy using customer retention

It might seem to be a overstatement to say we can fix a problem as big as ECONOMY ourselves. Thankfully, we really can. Online has made it possible for businesses to gather an audience like never before. If you grow tomatoes in your backyard and want to make substantial profits in return of your sweat, then you can do it using a online store front and use Google Local Plus for small business to advertise and quickly get some kind of traffic to your business. Isn't it?

Now imagine a scenario where we go back to the board and start doing what really made United States a great nation to start with? What is that? WE ARE A SMALL BUSINESS NATION--doing business, causing inventions, and creating a dynamic cash flow in the market are our strengths. So why are we doing less of it? Instead of pointing out how tough it it is to start and grow business, why don't a majority of us start doing it again? 

Now what has customer retention to do with it? EVERYTHING. The main reason local businesses will go out of business is because a cheaper and better product is launched and it takes away the majority of the market share. If businesses fail and give up, then all the cash flow goes to one business and competition becomes less (not only because businesses fail but because the way other businesses perceive the industry as a result). So how to get around this? By having realistic models and creating a market place where we have large number of businesses fighting for the market share. Once consumers get used to best quality at the best price, businesses will be forced to provide the best products and services at similar prices. Such an ecosystem will create localized markets where businesses will start serving to a 'loyal group' of customers. That really means we will be forced to make our customers happy and retain all the customers (is that bad?).

How can we grow more you ask? Isn't this scheme against the spirit of capitalism? Answer is NO. The above scheme is ideal scenario. Competition will exist and only the best will survive--but in larger numbers in this case.

KeepCustomer's mission is to help small businesses to grow using the power of Internet--more importantly to make keepcustomer available for all kinds of businesses at a price that doesn't cost them their business.

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