Your brand and Customer retention

What exactly is a brand? We know what it means for Coca Cola, but what about your local business? What does brand mean for small businesses and how can you take advantage of it?

Branding is not about how your website looks, or a name. People really know you because of what you provide--the experience for your customer. An amazing product establishes brand in customers minds. For e.g. a restaurant can be known for really fast service--the fast service is the brand of the restaurant--that is how people remember you the most. Such a distinction is important for every business and that is what keeps the customers coming back.

Creation of brand on the Internet can be tricky, because you are trying to target customers for search terms. It is still important to own your brand and rank on Google for your brand. If you start coming up on the search results for 'your-brand' searches, then pretty soon you will start ranking for other searches too--the more ways people find you--the more you show up in search results.

An important part of branding involves engaging customers. So we can start by looking are people talking about us? Conversations about brands are ranked very high by Google and Google Plus Local too.
Create conversation and get them to talk about your brand.

In the end, the word will get around and taking the pain to create a brand for your business will pay off.

What kind of practices do you use to create brand for your company?

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