Google Analytics for customer retention

Yes, probably not the best analytics out there, but Google analytics is Google's favorite tool and they are constantly improving it. Google Analytics gives insights on how customers are behaving on your business website. We can see and identify weaker parts of the campaign and use the data to make improvements on the website.

How can Google Analytics be used to improve customer retention?

By observing trends in visitor traffic, we can direct the visitors to some actionable item on the website. Say for e.g. if we know that there is a huge traffic serge in the month of December every year, then we should try to convert most of the visitors into customers by letting them know about the DECEMBER SPECIAL's.

Google Analytics also tells us about loyal and returning visitors to our site. We can can then find patterns in loyal visitors visits (which pages are maximum visited, which pages need to be improved, which pages are visited a lot but are slow, etc etc). These are small things tremendously boost the overall campaign. As we preach at keepcustomer, every single customer is important, and can bring new customers.

Are you using free and awesome Google Analytics to track your business online?

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